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Film production is not just our nachos and cream (coz bread and butter is cliché!); it is our way of life. It comes naturally to us, as we borrow our DNA from the renowned Venus Worldwide Entertainment. And it’s not just our genes, our core team has a personal experience of over 15 years. And that gives us the nerve to produce everything under the sun in any part of the globe.

But that’s not the only reason we are proud of ourselves; it’s the strong relationships that we make with our clients and team that fuels us.

Anil Jain, Producer

Anil Jain, Producer

Anil, together with his extensive two – decade experience in the industry, has lend the production house its creative finesse, perfectionism and unparalleled professionalism. His knack of seeing any situation from multiple point of views results in a holistic approach towards any project.

Anil is a producer who cares for money, only when it is said together with plant. He likes to keep a low profile but you can always break the ice, put it in a glass, pour some whiskey and discuss cinema, cricket and cars. And you can assume you are in his inner circle when he entertains you with his observational sense of humour.

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